Studio Clips: Meet Nebraska Artists

The Nebraska Arts Council is devoted to a mission that includes, among several key points, serving as a catalyst to connect people through the arts and creative concepts. Especially in these more socially distant times, we are not as able to connect in the arts world as normal. To achieve this goal regardless, we are implementing a new program by organizing an online Nebraska Artist showcase to highlight one artist a month from the NAC touring roster, teaching roster and Individual Artist Fellowship.

Meet Sondra Jonson

Sondra L. Jonson of S. L. Jonson Studios began planning her career in art at the age of 5. Her studio, established in 1985, has produced a large line of sculptures, from miniatures to monuments, for clients throughout the United States and in Europe. Jonson, a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Bryn Mawr College, and a former student of EvAngelos Frudakis, has developed a signature style which is both classical and contemporary, powerful yet tender, always sensitive to form, color and message.


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