Garan Coons | Rosalie

Garan Coons | Rosalie

Garan Coons is a professional Native American dancer, singer, flute player and storyteller.  He is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation and of Oglala Lakota descent.

Founder of the professional Native American dance company, Many Moccasins Dance Troupe, Garan tours extensively throughout Nebraska delivering a spectacular display of true Native American culture. Garan's exquisite regalia and defined dance moves offer a magnificent educational experience enjoyed by all. Garan specializes in the art of Fancy Feather dancing and Traditional Prairie Chicken dancing, both allowing him to bring history and tradition to life. All performances include traditional Native American dancing, narration of dances, storytelling and flute playing.

Garan lives and works in the Winnebago area and represents the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska in his role in as the Communications office for the Tribe. Numerous issues related to tribal sovereignty and awareness of tribal governments in general are advanced as the result of Garan' s work.

This is only part of the work that Garan has done to increase the awareness of the Tribe and native people. For many years he has brought outreach activities to native youth and to the general population to increase awareness of the unique cultural traditions of Native Americans. In short, Garan has a diverse set of interests and talents and he uses each of them to educate others on the language, history and culture of Native American people.

According to Lance Morgan, President and CEO of Ho-Chunk, Incorporated, “Garan sees every interaction as an opportunity to promote awareness. He does so with professionalism, humor, and a very rare and special talent.”