Linda Garcia-Perez | Omaha

Linda Garcia-Perez | Omaha

Linda M. Garcia is a Mexican American Chicana artist, who has been dedicated for over 40 years creating, teaching and exhibiting Mexican/Latino folk and indigenous arts and traditional culture across Nebraska.

Throughout the years, Linda has consistently devoted time and energy though workshops, exhibits, and lectures to share and celebrate Mexican customs, history, and art forms with the Omaha community. Linda is a big proponent of inclusion and works to promote harmony, and understanding though Mexican/Latino folk and indigenous arts, and traditional culture while inspiring the general public.

Among the numerous pursuits encompassed in educating others on Mexican culture, Linda is a Storyteller and has an extensive biography which includes poetry, literature, and the humanities. She's a multi-faceted artist and has used her Indigenous heritage and her art as a catalyst to accomplish her goals, while supporting others, so they may do the same.

“I find that life is best when there is a way I can express myself without words. It was so satisfying when I discovered that paint, form and content were all I needed to share the story of a life lived as a Chicana…my art involves research into symbolism, indigenous tradition, and the use of materials and methods which I then interpret into contemporary forms of expressions.” – Linda Garcia

Decades of experience and access to a personal collection of literature, authentic textiles, and folk art objects has empowered Linda to assist school systems and institutions with the installations of displays and presentations for: Cinco de Mayo, National Hispanic Heritage Month, Diez y Seis de Septiembre, El Día de Los Muertos, and Las Posadas and Navidad traditions.

She has been an endless resource for numerous art organizations such as Joslyn Art Museum, where she has been a curator for cultural art exhibits, classes and programs. She has also been a resource to the Nebraska Arts Council where Linda has been on NAC’s Artist Roster since 2002. For the last 18 years Linda has used her expertise to educate and connect traditional folk art and culture with students and adults.