Opera Omaha

Opera Omaha

As the only professional opera company in Nebraska, Opera Omaha produces a broad range of high quality programming for the region. The company’s programming model introduces audiences to new work while honoring the classics, representing the full breadth and depth of operatic repertoire.

Opera Omaha consistently brings innovative productions to life by engaging the industry’s most talented singers and creative teams to work with tremendously gifted area artists including the Omaha Symphony and the Opera Omaha Chorus. Among many other creative partnerships, the company collaborated with Omaha-based artist Jun Kaneko to design and produce his three highly acclaimed and nationally celebrated productions: Madama Butterfly (2011), The Magic Flute (2013), and Fidelio (2015).

Opera Omaha is known for providing immersive theatrical experiences in unexpected venues including its Gala in a vacant shopping mall that featured an indoor rain storm, and site-specific opera productions in abandoned warehouses and visual art galleries. Opera Omaha’s annual ONE Festival explores the multi-disciplinary structure of opera through thought-provoking productions, exhibitions, installations, concerts and social gatherings that bring local and visiting artists together as one collaborative community.

Opera Omaha prioritizes making opera accessible to everyone through its Holland Community Opera Fellowship, Community Engagement & Education Programs and ONE Festival. Opera Omaha serves over 34,000 people annually through its broad scope of programs. Recently recognized as a leader in the industry, the Holland Community Opera Fellowship brings community-minded, entrepreneurial artists to live and work in Omaha, to serve as ambassadors of the company by developing relationships with community leaders, partner organizations and the clients they serve. Holland Fellows co-design and implement unique projects for community members that combine artistry and musicianship, leadership, advocacy and citizenship.