Support the Arts License Plate

Voting closes September 17th

We received over forty design concepts for the Support the Arts license plate. In collaboration with the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, they were adjudicated based on concept, readability and adherence to manufacturing requirements. We’d like your help in picking the winner from the three finalists. Remember that colors may not be exactly what you’ll see on the plate itself due to variations in your computer and phone screen displays.

Please grade each of the finalists on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest score by September 17.

We’ll inform you of the winning design and instructions on how to obtain your plates.

Thank you for your participation!

Plate 1, Mosaic

Artist Description:

Mosaics can be found throughout the Nebraska state capitol building. While traditionally used as decoration for floors and walls, modern mosaics can be found in a variety of forms. This vibrant modern mosaic design is loosely inspired by the iconic Nebraska sunset.

Mosaics only work when all the pieces fit together. When the pieces come together in the correct position, orientation, and color, only then do we see the whole picture. This mosaic represents the idea of a wide variety of art forms coming together to create something wonderful.

Pate 2, Arts Kaleidoscope

Artist Description:

Interesting and enticing, this plate provides endless opportunities for the eye to explore and discover. This design was built using symbols from each art discipline to symbolize how unity and interconnectedness amongst the arts produces the rich, harmonious, and complete artistic identity of Nebraska. While serving as a visual reminder that the arts are more than just the sum of its individual parts.

Plate 3, Stage Lights

Artist Description:

There is little time to get a 'feeling' from specialty license plates. This design uses the implied simplified feeling evident in the Arts Council logo itself, and adds the feeling of (the special lighting) of a public performance. 'Art,' from the intimate to the grand.

With the crisp words, I anticipate the eye and mind combining these (at a stoplight) leading to a very personal reflection of when one enjoyed 'the Arts.' The design is simple and bold. 

Done reviewing the Support the Arts license plates?