Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Atiim Jones' Artist Statement

My approach to photography is a discipline in which I apply principles from other fields to create the final product...the print. From approaching a subject and taking a photo to spending time editing the raw file. Footwork, body form, stance and breathing steadies the camera and assists in composition. The concept of using space and reverberation in sound to create music is an integral part of the visual process. I use the environment surrounding the subject to create something emotional, engaging, contemplative and uniquely interpretable by each viewer. Use of light and shadow can subtly focus the viewer’s attention to an area of a photograph. Delicate muting of color or conversion to black and white can accentuate form and emotion. The editing process is a gradual yet graceful dance, bringing the photograph to life. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of my photography is having earned a strangers trust. Whether it be a quick portrait, chat or moving conversation about life, it is the trust and authenticity given to me by complete strangers, which has not only made me a better person, but has given me a small glimpse into the Human Condition.

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Grant Application Information

  • The Nebraska Arts Council announces newly revised grant programs that respond to the changing needs of artists and arts organizations during the current global pandemic. NAC’s new grant programs provide support for virtual programming, individual artists and organizations.

    The following grant categories are open for applications:

    Virtual Arts Project Grants
    Virtual Artists in Schools/Communities Sponsor Grant
    Virtual Nebraska Touring Program Sponsor Grants
    Virtual Presenting the State Poet
    Arts Accessibility Grants for Virtual Programs and Improvement Projects

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