Creative Prompt

a simple, but fun at-home exercise!

All you need to make your own shadow puppets are your hands, a wall and a light source.  A bedside lamp or table lamp works perfectly.

  • Put one hand between the light and the wall so that you can clearly see the shadow of your hand. 
  • Then, simply by changing the shape of your hand, you can make animals, birds and other characters come to life.

My grandfather used to do this before slide shows when we were growing up and it was always great fun.

Grant Application Information

  • The Nebraska Arts Council announces newly revised grant programs that respond to the changing needs of artists and arts organizations during the current global pandemic. NAC’s new grant programs provide support for virtual programming, individual artists and organizations.

    The following grant categories are open for applications:

    Virtual Arts Project Grants
    Virtual Artists in Schools/Communities Sponsor Grant
    Virtual Nebraska Touring Program Sponsor Grants
    Virtual Presenting the State Poet
    Arts Accessibility Grants for Virtual Programs and Improvement Projects

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