Our Mission: The mission of the Nebraska Arts Council is to promote, cultivate and sustain the arts for the people of Nebraska. In doing so, the Nebraska Arts Council provides grants and services to artists, organizations and communities that:

  • Build creative and proactive leadership in the arts
  • Forge partnerships that create and expand opportunities for the arts
  • Cultivate new resources needed to sustain the arts in Nebraska
  • Establish the arts as basic to education and lifelong learning
  • Use the arts as a catalyst for understanding among cultures
  • Advocate for increased awareness and access to the arts

Our History: The Nebraska Arts Council in its present form was established in 1974 by an act of the Nebraska Legislature. It is governed by a board of 15 Nebraska citizens appointed by the Governor of Nebraska, and managed by 10 staff members. The Nebraska Arts Council is funded by the State of Nebraska, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment, which is a unique partnership among the State of Nebraska and private contributors.