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Individual Artist Fellowship

The Individual Artist Fellowship program recognizes visual artists in Nebraska. Applicants are chosen by a professional panel according to the merit of their work. Funds must be used for the creation of new art, presentations, training, and/or research.

The fellowship program rotates among three umbrella categories of artistic achievement: literature (fiction, non-fiction, poetry); filmmaking and performing arts (choreography, playwriting, composition, interdisciplinary performance); and visual arts (painting/drawing, photography, ceramics, installation, mixed media, printmaking, glass, sculpture, textiles, video).

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Applicants must be 19 years old or older and a resident of Nebraska for two years prior to the application date and remain a resident of Nebraska during the fellowship award period of one year.

In addition, applicants must also submit an attestation of Nebraska residency at least 24 months before submission and attestation of intent to remain in Nebraska during the fellowship, if selected.

Applicants must not be enrolled in an undergraduate program in the artistic field in which the application is being made, but applicants enrolled in a graduate or PhD program may apply.

All applicants must be the originator of the submitted work, not an interpreter of the work of others.

Previous winners are eligible to reapply. Previous winners must complete their grant award requirements and Final Report to be eligible, submit work not previously part of an award-winning application, and can only apply every three years.


The current application is for Performing Arts and is open from August 10, 2022 to November 15, 2022.

When applying, please select the Performing Arts Category that most closely fits with your originating work:

Chorography, Filmmaking/Screenwriting, Music/Sound, or Theater/Playwriting

Grant Amounts

Monetary stipends of $1,000 to $5,000 to provide support for presentations, training, research, and/or creation of new art for one year.

Key Terms and Definitions

Artist Statement: A description written in first person that helps your audience understand the work you create, how you create it and what lead you to create it. For additional guidance on writing Artist Statement documents, try this link, or this link.

Artist Biography: Similar to a paragraph version of your resume, this third-person document outlines key points in your artistic career, skills and qualifications. You may want to include education, press, positions, or projects that have significantly informed or highlight or your career trajectory. For additional guidance writing Biographies, try this link, or this link.

CV/Resume: A List format with relevant dates and details for each accomplishment, including educational, performance, publication, positions, etc. For additional guidance writing a CV, try this link, or try this link for an artist Resume.

Originating Artist: The artist submitting the work is who created the work, which can be differentiated from an artist who performs, interprets, or present a piece of work of another artist.


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