Arts Project Grant

Arts Project Grants support arts programming, productions or events open to the general public. Support is limited to an arts project taking place within a defined period of time. The program or event may have multiple components and/or performances. Examples of project types include exhibitions, performances, poetry readings, commissions and/or support of new work development, arts festivals, community murals, and ethnic heritage projects. This category may include projects supporting artists and cultural activities that broaden opportunities for underserved communities.


Nonprofit organizations incorporated in Nebraska that are federally tax-exempt, public agencies and sub- divisions of governmental agencies. PreK-12 accredited schools are required to apply for Arts Learning Project or Artists in Schools/Communities Grants.

For more Information check out the APG Grant Guidelines.


  • Organizations and college/university departments may apply for either one Arts Project Grant or

one Arts Learning Project Grant per deadline, not both.

  • All projects primarily targeting youth must apply in the Arts Learning Project or Artists in Schools/Communities grant categories.
  • Organizations receiving Basic Support Grant funding may not apply for an Arts Project. They may, however, be a collaborating partner in an Arts Project Grant application made by another organization.



Spring deadline: March 15                 (for projects taking place July 1-June 30)
Fall deadline: October 2              (for projects taking place January 1-June 30)

Grant Amounts

$2,000 – $7,500

Note: The applicant must have enough cash to match all the dollars requested

How to Apply

Register in our online grant system.


Contact Rachel Morgan for more information.

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