Pictured: Artists-in-residence Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis | Photo: courtesy of Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts and Colin Conces

Currently Closed: Micro Grants

Micro Grants provide financial support to assist artists and community organizations applying for a grant for the first time.

Applications under consideration will align with one of two tracks:

Artist Development- artists only

Improving an artist’s virtual, marketing, business or creative practices through equipment purchases, professional development opportunities, and/or training.

For more information, see the Micro Grant- Artist Development Guidelines.

Community Arts Projects- artists and organizations

Community arts projects led by artists or community-based organizations for the benefit of the public. Examples of supported projects might include mural projects, virtual artist panels, music performances, etc.

Arts Projects must be arts-related and benefit public audiences. Organizations must be first-time applicants to NAC.

For more information, see the Micro Grant- Community Arts Projects Guidelines FINAL.


Artists in any discipline residing in Nebraska.

Artists who currently or formerly received NAC grants or awards are eligible to apply.

Nonprofit organizations incorporated in Nebraska or established non-incorporated organizations* with Nebraska addresses, who are first-time applicants and have an annual budget below $30,000.00 may apply.

*Includes, but not limited to, neighborhood associations, community groups, art co-ops or ensembles.

Current and former NAC grantees are not eligible.

Applicants may submit up to one application per fiscal year.


The Letter of Interest (LOI) must be received no less than six weeks prior to the start of the project or purchase of equipment. If invited to apply, applications must be submitted no later than four weeks prior to the project start date or purchase of equipment.

Any application interviews must be completed no later than four weeks prior to the project start date or date of equipment purchase.

Grant Amounts

$500 maximum. No match is required.

How to Apply

Potential applicants may submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) via email. Once reviewed, the applicant will be contacted to apply. LOIs are reviewed in the order received and must include:

Artist Statement or Organizational Mission Statement
If the organization does not have a formal mission statement, please state the purpose of the organization. If the artist does not have a formal artist statement, please include a brief description of recent artistic activities and achievements.

Fund Allocation
Provide a description of how the funds will be used.

Artist Development
Include a description of how you will use the funds to further your creative and/or professional presence and how your past work may have been impeded due to a lack of funding. Include a summary of your artistic credentials.

Arts Projects
A description of how you will use the funds and the project’s artistic and community impact. Include a summary of how past arts projects may have been impeded due to a lack of funding.

Budget Attestation (organizations only)
Organizations must include a statement confirming that the organization’s annual budget is $30,000 or less.

Amount Requested (up to $500)
Note: For equipment purchases, please list items to be purchased.


Contact Stephanie Plummer for more information.