Pictured: Dale Chihuly piece from the collection of Healing Arts Omaha

Public Art Database

Public art can take many forms, from sculptural to mural, from permanent to temporary, created by one artist, several, created in tandem with wind, water, electricity, earth, or the community. One thing remains the same: Public Art has the capacity to draw attention and raise curiosity and questions.

Find public art across Nebraska, whether via an online database or around the corner in your own community!

Public Art Contact:  Meagan Dion

Public Art in Nebraska

Nebraska 1% for Art Database: State legislated program which places artwork in state buildings, state colleges, and the University of Nebraska system.

Nebraska Interstate-80 Bicentennial Sculptures: Sculptures at the rest stops along Interstate 80.

Public Art Lincoln:  Advisory board to the City of Lincoln.

Public Art Omaha: Advisory board to the City of Omaha.

Healing Arts OmahaImmersive art collection at the Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center.

Public Art Archive: A free online and mobile database of public art across the globe.

Post Office Murals: List of post office murals in Nebraska