Accessibility Policy

The Nebraska Arts Council believes that all Americans should be able to participate in the arts and humanities including the 61 million adults with disabilities and the 50 million Americans age 65 and older. The goal should be full inclusion in all arts and cultural programs and facilities.

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Resources and Services

Creating an Inclusive Experience from

Transcription, Captions & Subtitles

Sorenson Interpreting Services
ASL Interpreters
Bethany Koubsky
(402) 686-3317

Outlook Nebraska
Audio description and brail printing
Megan Mackie
(402) 614-3331

Rev – Audio Transcription
Captioning, Transcribing and Language Translations

Real-time and post production Captioning
Transcription service powered by artificial intelligence with a free basic service tier. 


Assistive Technology

Universal Design Consultation Services
Meaghan Fitzgerald Walls
(402) 500-0667

All Kinds Accessibility Consulting
Sensory Guides
Shelby Seier

National Endowment for the Arts
Ensure Accessibility of Your Virtual Events

List of Resources to Help Ensure Accessibility of Your Virtual Events for People with Disabilities

Additional Resources for Accessibility Services

Accessibility Glossary

Guidance for Writing and Speaking about People with Disabilities and Older Adults

How to Plan and Promote an Accessible Event

Creating Your Accessibility Plan

Communicating with Seniors Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Arts Accessibility Grants

NAC provides funds for services and improvements that increase access to the arts. You can find more information on our Arts Accessibility Grants for Events Services and Improvements pages.