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Creative Districts

The Nebraska Creative District Program utilizes the arts as an economic driver to support communities in Nebraska by telling their stories and elevating the value of the arts.

Creative Districts are designated cultural and economic areas where innovation flourishes and neighborhoods come together in the name of art. They provide significant economic impact by creating purposeful spaces like art galleries, theatres, and music venues, attracting employees and businesses. These are all assets and attributes that Nebraska — and every state — can effectively harness as it seeks to reinvigorate its economy.

The program’s flexibility, as designed, means that it can be adapted to any size community, in any location. As an agency, we wanted to make sure this program benefited all Nebraskans, no matter if they were in an urban or rural area.

Specialty license plates, designed by artist Danielle Dewees, are available for only $5 additional cost, with proceeds going directly toward the funding of Creative Districts.

For more information on the Certification Process, please read through our guidelines.

Have questions about NAC’s Creative Districts? Contact NAC Program Specialist Rachel Morgan.

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The following resources can help you plan your Creative District!

For more information on different types of districts, how to develop a district, and research regarding Creative Districts, visit Americans for the Arts.