Keri Chryst

  • Paris, France
  • Music

Jazz, Vocal

Nebraska’s special envoy from Paris, France since 2013 – Keri’s residencies empower participants of all ages, cultures and backgrounds  – using arts and music as a vehicle for developing technical skills while broadening participants’ perspective on the world and the world of the arts.

With a Master’s in Jazz Pedagogy from Northwestern University (1998) – Keri works with choirs, bands, orchestras & thespians. She also has a lot to share with students of French & International studies – being a native of the Midwest with 20+ years of experience living and working abroad.

Classes and workshops may address:

  • authentic jazz styles
  • intro to improvisation
  • vocal & instrumental technique
  • musicianship & rehearsal skills
  • the creative process
  • entrepreneurship in the arts
  • French culture
  • cross-cultural exchange in the arts

Or, Keri can simply contribute her two cents – providing coaching on musicianship and stage presence for your ensemble’s existing performance repertoire.

For a typical residency – intensive coaching sessions with the core group are interspersed with Q&A or coaching sessions for additional participants – culminating in one or more public performances for all involved!

Keri tours internationally much of the year educating young people in far-flung places ranging from Tanzania to France to Chicago and performing with her ensembles The French Connection and the Parisian jazz vocal trio Sweet System. She’s typically in the USA in the fall (Oct/Nov) and winter (Jan/Feb/Mars). Don’t hesitate to contact her directly to plan an AiS/C residency for your organization soon!

Popular Programs:

The Scat Cat Sessions
It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing…

An introduction to vocal improvisation in jazz (aka Scat Singing) for all ages through both collective and individual exploration. Featuring the works of jazz greats Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and of course Ella Fitzgerald – as they relate to other popular music we all know and love. For more advanced students the discussion expands to exploration of harmony, rhythm and traditional jazz structures as well. << Click here for a video sample>>

The French Connection
A transatlantic love-hate musical romance

America’s fascination for Parisian sophistication and joie de vivre rivals only that of the French for the vim and verve of the American way of life.  Join this parisienne chanteuse on a musical journey, back and forth across the big pond, and discover the delicate interplay between these two cultures and the musical bond they have forged over the years through this very American art form – Jazz. From Josephine Baker to Louis Armstrong, to the modern day’s Pink Martini and back again via Edith Piaf, Django Reinhardt and Michel Le Grand… C’est Si Bon* to contemplate The Autumn Leaves while living La Vie en Rose** somewhere  Beyond the Sea…

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