Michele M. Phillips

  • Omaha, NE
  • Theatre

Acting, Playwriting

Michele makes theatre and all it entails (set design, costumes, casting, blocking, characterization, improvisation and the written word) accessible to students in any age group. Her main focus is on human interaction using both verbal and non-verbal communication, and in encouraging students to feel empowered to perform.

The activities she employs are very process-oriented, but may also build toward a final performance for parents and other students. Michele will work with teachers to tie her activities to their curriculum, as well as state learning standards. She can also customize residency activities to meet a group’s particular interests in areas such as forensics, broadcasting, film and writing.

Michele’s background in theatre includes a Bachelor of Arts/Dramatic Arts from UNO as well as the practical application of acquired skills–acting (onstage and in front of the microphone and camera), playwriting, copy writing of every description (www.citydeskarts.com), teaching and directing in professional to community theatre venues.

Michele has worked successfully with elementary, middle and high school students from many different backgrounds, skill levels and challenges. She is an actor/educator with both RESPECT and WhyArts, and also teaches TV Screenwriting at UNO.

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