Castle and Cathedral District

The Castle & Cathedral District encompasses some of the most impressive architectural structures in Omaha. From St. Cecilias Cathedral to the neighborhood’s historic homes to the Joslyn Castle & Gardens, the district is an artistic treasure.

Beyond the neighborhood being a showcase to history and a celebration of the “art of architecture,” the Castle & Cathedral District also offers an “art of space” that is unusual to most neighborhoods. From the Castle and Gardens’ five acres of green space to the welcoming communal venues of the Cathedral, to the democratic meeting halls of Cali Commons, the Castle & Cathedral District is also a living environment that generates positive energy and provides a space for people to gather and enjoy culture. In these spaces, the District hosts one-of-a-kind events that include: Family friendly festivals, concerts, art shows, Pow Wows, theatrical performances, civic talks and nature programming.

As a living environment, the Castle & Cathedral District is also an interactive walking space that inspires on-foot exploration. In addition to a well-established walking tour, the district also features “journey ready” destination points and pathways of travel. For example, patrons can easily begin a journey at one of several neighborhood businesses (say breakfast or coffee at Lisa’s Radial Café, Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop or Amateur Coffee), then walk a block to the Cathedral grounds for a visit that should include a tour of the beautiful St. Cecilia, and a walk through the Sunderland Art Gallery, which features local and regional artists. After leaving the Cathedral grounds, patrons can then stroll to Cali Commons to interact with more art and learn about the neighborhood’s civic and social initiatives. The visitor’s journey could then take them to the Joslyn Castle grounds where they could enjoy a family picnic while basking in the art of architecture, take a tour of the historic home, visit the Castle’s gift ship and gallery space, or simply connect to the natural world via the Castle’s beautiful gardens. Perhaps the visitor’s neighborhood journey ends with a walk across the street to the boutique hotel, the Offutt Manor, where more local history and luxurious sleeping quarters await.

This community “portrait” of our neighborhood also includes artisans and artists selling work out their home studios, award winning barber and stylist centers, several ethnic restaurants, a local hardware store (that offers personalized and friendly service), family history publishers, and several service-oriented industries and community non-profits.


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Castle & Cathedral District is to use and celebrate the power of the arts to build community, inspire cultural creation, and strengthen the ability of cultural and artistic organizations in the district to achieve (and drive) social and economic success.

We will accomplish our mission by:

  • Hosting artists and all forms of artistic and cultural creation throughout the
  • Promoting community engagement and creative expression through cross-organizational
    programing and collaboration
  • Using the cultural, artistic, and social history of the district as an incubator of
  • Asking how the arts can best serve the public interest.

Vision Statement

The Castle & Cathedral District is an arts destination that (1) showcases the beauty of its past, (2) serves as an incubator for creativity in the present and (3) provides a secure and safe space for the continued and future engagement of artistic thinking, artistic practice, and public interaction.


Coming soon!


Coming soon!