How to Hire an Artist

Roster artists are available for hire through Artists in Schools/Communities (AiS/C) Grants or Nebraska Touring Program (NTP) Sponsor Grants. These grants assist with the cost of retaining artists for educational residencies or performances.

Process to Hire an Artist & Apply for a Grant:

Step 1:

Select a teaching artist for an AiS/C program or a touring artist for a NTP program.

Step 2:

Contact artists directly before applying for a grant and involve them in all aspects of planning, including design of activities, setting goals, and scheduling.

Step 3:

Once arrangements have been made with the artist, obtain a signed contract which will be uploaded in the online grant application.

  1. AiS/C Contracts: Use NAC’s artist agreement form (artist agreement form in PDF).
  2. NTP Contracts: Create a contract together with the artist.

Step 4:

Apply in NAC’s online grant system.

NAC staff can most efficiently be reached via email. For assistance in creating an account in the NAC grants system, please email or call 402-595-2124.

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