Pave Free Resources for Artists

(List excerpted from web-based inventory of arts business training programs in “How it’s Being Done: Arts Business Training across the US”)


Web-based Resources

Alliance of Artists Communities- Residency Tips
A series of tips for selecting the right residency for your creative practice, how to apply, monetary concerns, and other issues surrounding residencies.

Americans for the Arts
Americans for the Arts has a multitude of resources on its website. If you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, you can navigate by program or topic, among other options. Research reports are available for download, notably their Arts & Economic Prosperity report. AFTA also publishes a variety of e-newsletters on different topics, a database of research reports, and Art Link Magazine (available only to AFTA members). They also have a searchable directory of arts organizations, including state and local commissions, which includes contact information.

Americans for the Arts- Webinars
A series of live webinars, free to Americans for the Arts members and for a small cost to non-members, which are later archived and can be watched at any time. Upcoming webinars include: branding, cultural districts, social justice, employee engagement, and many more. Archived webinars include: corporate social responsibility, creative placemaking, public art, engaging audiences, and many more.

American Society of Journalists and Authors- The Word
A frequently updated bog series with posts by a variety of working authors and journalists covering all aspects of their work from writing tips, how to get and keep freelance assignments, opportunity recognition, and community building, among others.

Artist Trust- Resources
A large list of articles and links to other resources organized by topic, including insurance, finances, and funding.

Artists U- Blog
A blog series that covers topics that include grant applications and innovation in the business side of creative practice. Research funded by free resources available online.

Artists U- Making Your Life as an Artist
A free download of Andrew Simonet’s book, Making Your Life as an Artist, which includes chapters focusing on planning, mission, money and time.

Art & Business Council of Greater Boston- Webinars
Webinars organized into six areas: Artpreneur Bootcamp, The Business of Public Art, The Musician’s Professional Toolbox, Business on Board, Investing in the Creative Workforce, and Estate and Legacy Planning for Artists.

Arts Council of Indianapolis- Artist Resources
The Arts Council will be launching a new section of their website that contains videos, podcasts, and articles about the business of the arts in early 2015. They currently have posted a sample of the material that will be posted that covers topics including marketing, the elevator pitch, and exhibiting work.

Arts Council of New Orleans- Webinars
A free, on-demand webinar series (pre-recorded) that features a diverse range of topics such as the Visual Artists Rights Act, branding, touring, licensing music, and more.

Arts Incubator of the Rockies- Knowledge Center
A searchable trove of videos, articles, podcasts, and other resources for artists that vary widely in topic; this collection also allows users to submit their favorite resources to add to the list.

Ask Harriette
A blog by visual artist Harriete Estel Berman: a series of “professional guidelines for the arts community to promote understanding, checklists, and practical solutions for recurring issues in the art and craft community.”

C4 Atlanta- Business Resources for Artists
A short series of videos that help guide the artist or new arts organization in setting a course: covers mission statement, vision statement, competitive advantage, and situation analysis with the promise of more coming.

Career Transition for Dancers- Video Career Conversations

Videos, both downloadable and streamable, that are recordings of panel discussions covering topics from starting a business to money management. The live seminars are free and open for dancers to attend (filmed in New York).

Center for Cultural Innovation- Publications and Blog
The publications page has downloadable reports mainly relating to the status of the arts in various California cities. The blog page has an archive of blogs on a wide variety of topics including: immigrant artists, interviews, and marketing.

Chamber Music America- First Tuesdays Video Library
A new video is posted the first Tuesday of each month; these are recordings of live events and cover a wide range of topics regarding the business of a chamber music career. While many of the topics are specific to chamber music artists, there are several that are applicable to all artists (including a time management video from Aaron Landsman, a tax seminar, licensing issues, and grant writing).

Chicago Artist Resource
Articles, stories from artists, and links to other resources organized by topic.

Chicago Artist Resource- Survival Guide
A video series featuring four topics: Business, Financial, Social Media Marketing, and Legal. Each topic is presented by an expert in the field, and is broken into short videos that build on each other.

Community Partnership for Arts and Culture- Reference Desk
A list of how-to, step by step directions for a variety of necessary facets to running an arts organization or your own creative practice. Includes topics from program evaluation, to marketing, to getting involved with policy makers.

Community Partnership for Arts and Culture- Creative Compass
Step by step guides to the business of creative practice, including developing your business, applying for a job, and developing your craft. There are also links to other resources.

Craft Emergency Relief Fund- Newsletter
A bi-yearly newsletter covering mainly disaster preparedness specific to artists and crafters.

Creative Capital- The Lab
Creative Capital’s blog, featuring posts on upcoming workshops, a series called “Five Questions,” which asks professional artists five questions about the business side of their creative practice, and information and tools for a range of creative business topics.

Creative Many- Research
Most of Creative Many’s research postings are reports on the economic impact of the arts and creative industries, they also have other reports on arts education and links to reports on other arts business topics.

Dramatists Guild- Business Consultation
The Dramatists Guild provides one-on-one business consulting over the phone specifically for authors. Additionally, the website provides sample contracts, information about music publishing and anti-piracy information. You must be a member of the Dramatists Guild for the one-on-one consultations.

Dramatists Guild- DG Academy
Video recordings of seminars and conversations about the craft of writing and the business of being a playwright.

Fractured Atlas- Fractured U
Articles, essays, and annotated links to outside articles, videos and other resources written and collected by Fractured Atlas staff. Organized into major topics, they cover big ideas, entrepreneurship, fundraising, legal issues, and more.

GrantSpace- Knowledge Base
A large database of questions asked by nonprofit practitioners and answered by experts, sorted by category.

GrantSpace- Multimedia
Videos, podcasts, webinars, and more about a variety of topics related to nonprofit management.

GrantSpace- Ask Us
A Live Chat staffed by a Foundation Center reference librarian, available Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm Eastern Time, and ability to email your questions any time. Staff will answer questions about philanthropy, nonprofit management and fundraising; direct you to more resources; and help you search the Foundation Centers databases or other resources.

GrantSpace- Classroom
A large collection of training courses provided online in a variety of methods, including both live and recorded webinars and self paced eLearning. Most of the courses are free, but some cost between $29 and $600. These courses are specifically for nonprofits.

Free downloadable forms, checklists, and worksheets – from budget goals to portfolio evaluations.

GYST-Ink-Professional Practices
An extensive collection of free professional practice material for artists. Some of these tools are for beginning artists, or for those who have little or no experience talking about their work. Other modules are more appropriate for mature/established artists.

GYST-Ink -Radio
This radio broadcast provides stories from DIY artists, independent curators and arts organizations that support artists.

Montana Arts Council
A variety of publications, research, webinars, and links to other resources covering many topics relevant to the business of the arts; one series is specifically aimed at teaching artists.

National Alliance for Media Arts + Culture- Telesalons
An archived series of one-hour podcasts focusing on leadership development and capacity building.

National Alliance for Media Arts + Culture- Open Dialogue
Like NAMAC’s telesalons, this program is no longer active but leaves behind a archive of dialogues. Open Dialogue was an online, interactive meeting in which the attendees proposed the topic. The archive includes topics such as: youth media, artist services, and media policy.

National Alliance for Media Arts + Culture- Strategic Planning Toolkit
The toolkit has a short introduction to strategic planning, as well as four nonprofit arts organization’s strategic plans, all with the goal of giving the artist a roadmap to create their own plan.

National Arts Marketing Project- Tools and Resources
A project of Americans for the Arts, NAMP has a tools and resources page with links to their favorite e-books, articles, news stories, videos and practical lessons, all related to marketing the arts.

New York Foundation for the Arts- Business of Art
An online resource library, this website features articles, podcasts, and links to further resources for each topic ranging from careers to technology, as well as an interview series with a variety of artists.

Professional Artist
The website of this low-cost magazine includes freely available blog postings and articles on business topics that are arts specific, ranging from retirement planning, to museum submission, to insurance.

Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis- Learn & Connect
Mainly focused on marketing, RAC features a variety of resources from email tips to search engine optimization.

Self Employment in the Arts- Blog
A blog series with archived posts on topics covering definitions of success, to social media tips, to statistics.

Self Employment in the Arts- Resources
These resources focusing on the business side of artist practice include an eBook (free for SEA members, $4.99 for everyone else), a monthly newsletter, an article database, a video reel, and links to resources from a variety of other places.

Side Street Projects- Business Practices Podcasts
A best practices podcast featuring three distinct series: What do curators want?; Shop Talk; and Social: How does socially engaged art happen in Los Angeles.

Springboard for the Arts- Creative Exchange
Creative Exchange is a new national platform for storytelling and resource-sharing around artists, creativity & community.

The Actors Fund- Podcast Series
A video podcast series featuring a variety of facets of the business of the arts, their series covers topics such as applying for a job and financial wellness.

Theatre Communications Group- Research & Resources
A variety of resources, mainly specific to theater, that include a field survey of nonprofit theaters, research reports, disaster management, and others.


Free Resources Delivered in Person

Artist Trust- Workshops + Events

The Artist Trust at Large series is typically free (while other workshops are not). This free one hour presentation covers the services and resources Artist Trust offers. Artist Trust offers workshops in and around Seattle, including in Port Townsend and Vashon.


Artists U- Core Program

Available in Philadelphia, Boston, and South Carolina, 12 artists are selected from nominations for a year long program. The program includes 8 in person group meetings focused on specific topics, and monthly one on one meetings with the facilitator.


Artists U- Planning Mondays

Available in Philadelphia, Boston and South Carolina, free one on one planning sessions with an artist facilitator. Available by reservation on their website, these fill up fast.


Artists U- Building a Sustainable Life Workshop

Available in Philadelphia, Boston and South Carolina, this course is taught either as a two day intensive, or as three workshops spread out over three weeks. It looks at strategic planning, artist statement, and time and money management, and is open to any artist residing in the area served. These courses also fill up fast, and you can register online.


Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston- Seminars & Workshops

A series of both seminars and workshops ranging from tax tips to branding to marketing. These events are free to members, and a low cost to non-members.


Arts Council of Indianapolis- Professional Development Series

Workshops to help navigate the business side of the arts, you can sign up for a newsletter on their website to be notified as workshops are announced.


Asheville Area Arts Council- Artist Curriculum

The AAAC presents professional development classes and workshops, some are free, others are available for varying prices with scholarships available.


Asheville Area Arts Council- Artist Resource Center

The Artist Resource Center has a variety of resources and equipment available for artists to use, including

computers and creative software.


Asheville Area Arts Council- Business Brainstorm Sessions

One on one brainstorming sessions for artist entrepreneurs to work directly with a professional in the field, to talk through ideas, come up with new ones, and get advice.


Assets for Artists

Available in Massachusetts, Portland, Maine, New York City and Rhode Island, Assets for Artists is a program that sets savings goals and provides financial and business training, and at the end, matches the savings accumulated by the artist up to $2,000. Program is by application.


C4- Ignite Lite

A one hour training presentation about developing a business plan, including different business models, goal setting, and core mission and values. C4 serves the Atlanta area.


C4- TechsmARTS

A bi-monthly meeting with a moderated panel focusing on using technology as a tool to help artists and arts administrators build their careers. C4 serves the Atlanta area.


Cannonbal- LegalLink

Cannonball matches artists and arts organizations throughout Florida with attorneys who are volunteering their time. Legal advice can range from artist’s practice, but also can include personal issues. Topics include estate planning, contracts, copyright, and real estate.


Career Transitions for Dancers- Career Counseling

By phone or in person in Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York City, Career Transitions for Dancers provides on one consultations for dancers needing career or career transition advice or assistance.

Career Transitions for Dancers- Career Conversations

Available in Los Angeles and New York, seminars outlining possible career paths, opportunities and resources available to dancers while they transition out of performing.


Center for Cultural Innovation- Workshops

CCI offers a series of workshops at all three of its locations (Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Francisco). Many are

free, the rest are low cost, see event details for more information. Free workshops include: social media

strategies and health insurance workshops.


Community Partnership for Arts And Culture- Counsel and Connections

CPAC, operating in Cleveland, OH, offers free one on one consultations for artists on topics including: strategic

planning, fundraising, board development, audience building and more. Contact information to schedule an

appointment is available on the website.


Corzo Center for Creative Economy- Open Office Hours

Available in Philadelphia, Corzo offers one on one consulting for creatives, each topic helmed by a specialist,

ranging from accounting to legal to video production. Available at three locations, different topics available at

each location. Visit the website to see topics and to schedule an appointment.


Cue Arts- Meeting Artists’ Needs

A professional development series for artists of all ages and backgrounds, with a focus on business skills. The

sessions are free, but a ticket is required, and workshops are in New York City.

free resources delivered in person 8


Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County- Marketing Roundtable

A meeting for marketing professionals and executive directors to come together to hear speakers, share

strategies, and plan projects for cross promotion in Norwalk, Connecticut.


Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County- Executive Directors Network

Open to organizations that are members of the Cultural Alliance, this group meets quarterly to network, share

experiences, get feedback, and understand the current arts climate.


Delta Arts Alliance- Artist Survival Skills Workshop Series!artist/c1arj

Targeted at emerging artists, this Cleveland, MS based organization provides a workshop series with the goal of

assisting artists in establishing themselves and thriving as artists. Individual workshops include pricing and

promoting your work and portfolio reviews.


Fresh Arts- m-lab

A relationship between Fresh Arts and small arts organizations, by application. Fresh Arts will assist in

developing and implementing a marketing strategy through one on one consultation and group meetings, and

will underwrite a portion of the implementation.


Fresh Arts- Workshops

A variety of professional development workshops offered in Houston, for both artists and arts organizations. Not

all workshops are free, some are low cost (approximately $10). Price is noted for the workshops on the website.


Lower Manhattan Cultural Council- Professional Development

Workshops covering business proficiency, artistic practice, and community engagement for artists living in and

working in New York City.


Milwaukee Artists Resource Network- MARN Mentors

For visual artists, literary artists, filmmakers, composers, and arts administrators, MARN will match emerging

and new artists with an establish artist mentor for a season.


National Alliance for Media Arts + Culture- National Leadership Institute

An in person five day intensive, followed by monthly peer coaching sessions by phone, this program is geared for

experienced and emerging staff leaders. The institute will focus on leadership skills, teamwork and collaboration,

building equity and inclusion, and networking and building peer support.


New York Foundation for the Arts- Doctor’s Hours’s%20Hours

NYFA partners with the New York State Bar Association to provide pro-bono clinics twice a year, for one on one

consultations for artists with professionals.


NY Designs- Pro(s) Bono

By invitation from NY Designs, artists can schedule 30 minute appointments during NY Designs’ quarterly

consultation sessions. These are available on a first come first served basis. Located in Long Island City.

free resources delivered in person 9


Pave Program in Arts Entrepreneurship- Speaker Series

Pave sponsors a series of public talks every other year (alternating with a biennial symposium) that feature

speakers on a variety of topics. Series topics have included “Thriving as an Artist,” and “New Business Models for

the Arts.”


Pittsburgh Arts- Flight School Fellowship

An in depth, 3 month program, Flight School accepts 15 artists annually, and features curriculum in strategic

planning, marketing, fundraising, taxes, time management and more. By application, the Flight School Fellowship

provides a stipend of $350 at the end of the program.


Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis- Community Arts Training

A training program for those working at the intersection of art and community, CAT includes workshops,

networking, professional development, and other trainings aimed at harnessing art’s power for positive social change. Program is by nomination only.


Self Employment in the Arts- Workshops/Panels!workshops–panels/cyvf

Panel discussions by successful self-employed artists about their lives and how they work, held at the College of

DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL.


Springboard for the Arts- Work of Art Workshops

The Work of Art is a 10 part workshop series on business skills for artists. Each part is 2 ½ hours, you can attend


all or select only those you need. Springboard is based in the Twin Cities, MN.

The Arts Council of Greater New Haven- Advice Sessions

One on one consultations with the director of artist services and programs for help on finding exhibition

opportunities or performance/rehearsal space and/or marketing.


The Arts Council of Greater New Haven- Arts Resource Center

Available to artists, arts organizers and arts organizations, the resource center provides access to computers and

scanners, a resource library, and one-on-one technical assistance.


The Center for Emerging Visual Artists-Direct Dialogues

Lectures geared towards professional visual artists, but everyone is welcome, focusing on professional

development for artists, relevant to artists at all career stages. Recent topics include choosing health insurance,

placemaking, and writing an artist statement.


Visual Art Exchange- Artists’ Night

VAE, based in Raleigh, provides an evening once a month (visit website for calendar) that hosts lectures,

demonstrations and workshops on a variety of topics. Free for VAE members, $5 for non-members.