New Workflow for Federal Unique Entity Identifier Number

On May 26, 2023, we introduced improvements to the registration workflow. The changes may be noticeable to returning or frequent registrants, but likely won’t be significant for those registering for the first time.

If  you create a new entity, you will be asked two questions about what you are trying to do in If you are doing business directly with the U.S. federal government or with another organization doing business directly with the government (for example, subcontracts or subgrants), you will see a personalized recommendation based on how you answered the questions. The page where you see recommendations also provides details about each option. You can compare the options and make the choice that fits your organization’s goals.

It is important to note that new entities that select “other” will be given the “Unique Entity ID only” recommendation. The “See Other Options” link below the column shows the two registration options. Also, when you renew or update your registration, you will not receive a recommendation.

If you update an existing registration, you will also answer the two new questions about how you want to use your registration. Next, a registration table with your current option highlighted displays. You can change that option or continue with your current option.

Remember, you’ll only see the questions once for your entity, no matter how many times you return to However, you will continue to see the new page format displaying your entity options each time you update or renew your entity.

Choose your entity option with more confidence

We’ve heard from new and experienced users that it’s hard to understand the difference between the options on the current Purpose of Registration page. The new chart with details about each option allows you to consider the recommendation and compare options to make a more informed choice. This change will help you choose the best registration option more confidently.

What else do I need to know?

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