Upcoming Fred Simon Gallery Exhibition: “Spatial Distance” by Nancy Lepo

“Spatial Distance”

Nancy Lepo

January 20-March 8

“Spatial Distance” addresses the intersection of art and science. Astronomy, space exploration, and quantum ideas are the inspiration for this collection of images. The works offer interpretations of realms that exist beyond what is normally visible. I am awed by the thought that we’ll have to come to terms with discoveries for which we have no words that describe them.

-Nancy Lepo

Pen-and-ink artist Nancy Lepo grew up in a family that lived in many places in the United States and overseas. Now a longtime Midwesterner living in Omaha, Nebraska, Lepo has drawn images for as long as she can remember. She is primarily self-taught as an artist.

With a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology from the University of Nebraska, she credits classes in engineering drawing, architectural rendering, and sciences with sharpening her skills in visualizing and drawing. This background reconfirms her belief that drawing is a means of looking at something again for the first time.

Lepo’s pen-and-ink images have been in many shows and are included in numerous private collections.

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The reception is January 19th, from 5-7 p.m.

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