Tin Roof Creative District

The Village of Potter, Nebraska, began as a Union Pacific Railroad depot in the southern panhandle of western Nebraska. Pioneer immigrants settled in the area and established the agricultural economic base that is sustained by farmers and ranchers today.
Attracting visitors traveling on Interstate 80 and the historic Lincoln Highway, the Tin Roof Creative District is a welcoming destination where frontier spirit, hometown ingenuity and authentic charm promote unique experiences for the whole family.

The Tin Roof Creative District celebrates the history and popularity of the type of roofing used in many of the original structures in the downtown Potter area. The name evokes not only the sturdy indestructability of this type of roofing, but also the tenacious nature of early settlers and focuses on the historical aspect of the district. The Tin Roof moniker also references a famous ice cream sundae that was invented locally in the 1930s, as well as the original tin tiles that comprise the ceiling of the Potter Sundry building.

Perhaps one of the most unique attractions is Potter’s duckpin bowling alley, where smaller size pins and balls make this an engaging and family friendly activity, bring your own pin setter! Downstairs, there is a flea market/antique store and next door at the Sundry you will find some of the best diner food around, with the original soda fountain and bar-back still intact. The building on the corner houses a coffee shop and taproom complete with an original 1939 car lift as a bar. Stroll down the street and you will enjoy murals depicting icons of local and American heritage, engaging public art, comfortable amenities, a tranquil reading garden and other green spaces, two parks, two museums, one library with a makers station, a restaurant/bar and for the convenience of travelers, an electric vehicle charging station.

Committed to preserving the character of the village while being adaptive to current needs and preparing for the future, local volunteers are intent on growing the creative sector. Artisans work which currently includes traditional wheat weaving, pottery, photography, and hand-stitched quilts, woodcrafts and jewelry are available at the flea market/antique store. Potter also has a community art studio that promotes creative experiences for all ages.

Mission Statement

To promote creative work and activities for residents and visitors alike through engagement, events, and experiences

Vision Statement

The Tin Roof Creative District envisions a dynamic, welcoming destination where frontier spirit, hometown ingenuity and truly unique experiences serve as economic revitalization for the community.


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