York Creative District

York’s iconic hot air balloon water tower serves as a modern-day Chimney Rock for travelers crossing Nebraska on I-80. This huge public art project has become a key part of York’s identity and culture. Take some time to stop and shop in York at the creative stores in downtown. See the newly renovated Yorkshire Theater, which has been a cornerstone of performing arts in the community for over 50 years. Visit the historic York Auditorium, which is on the national registry of historic places. Schedule your visit to enjoy a performance at Yorkshire Theater or a performance at York University or York High School. Visit the Anna Bemis Palmer Museum to learn more about Nebraska history or the Clayton Museum on the York University campus to learn more about Ancient Roman history.

If you live in York, we invite you to get involved in the York Creative District! We have several committees that tackle different parts of supporting and enhancing arts in our community.

Mission Statement

The York Creative District stimulates artistic and cultural opportunities through enhancing and promoting arts activities to educate and enhance the greater York area.

Vision Statement

District is a vibrant arts destination that builds on collaboration among our diverse institutions and populations.


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