Bel Canto Duo

  • Omaha, NE
  • Music

Instrumental and Classical

Bel Canto Duo was founded in 2016 Darci Griffith Gamerl and David Downing. The duo performs a variety of repertoire ranging from favorite arrangement from film, Broadway and opera to original compositions featuring David’s looping artistry.

Lifelines collide. The evening of a shooting star, and not just any shooting star – one of amazing duration! It was an evening that changed the course of both their lives. The duo has built a life together, creating exquisite, curated performances for a wide variety of audiences.

Bel Canto Duo has performed across the United States for variety of audiences, including sacred & secular venues. Darci & David’s performances range from their annual Summer Driveway Concert Series to museums, art galleries, weddings, and formal concert & recital series.

Bel Canto Duo also offers student performances, retirement community performances and preconcert lectures.  They are also available for workshops focused on composition and the commissioning process as well as music business and how to craft and sustain a career in music.

Technical Requirements:

We require electricity, and a minimum of 66 degrees to perform indoors or outdoors. During outdoor summer conditions need to be under 95 degrees and not in direct sun.

Maximum Negotiable Fee: $3,600

Availability: We are flexible regarding booking of days, and the distance traveled given enough advance notice.

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