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Fran Sillau, artistic director of Circle Theatre, is a teacher, writer, director, actor and producer with an extensive background in theatre for youth. Presenting “My Broken Doll: The true childhood story of NE Holocaust survivor Bea Karp,” Sillau, along with his cast and crew, wish to deliver a message of standing up to bullies and speaking out against discrimination.

“My Broken Doll: The true childhood story of NE Holocaust survivor Bea Karp” begins as teenage Beatrice Karp learns she must leave post-war London to begin life anew in the United States. As Bea packs for the journey, each object she places in her suitcase floods her with memories of her life during the war. Audiences are instantly transported to the train rides, concentration camps and Nazi guards of Bea’s memory. Though tragic, this is also a story of acceptance, love and resilience. The play illustrates to audiences the importance of standing up for what they believe is right.

Recommended for students in grades 6-12, each performance will include a talk back session with Circle Theatre actors and educators to unpack the important lessons of the story. Participating schools also receive an in-depth teacher’s guide to provide background information and prepare students for the show. “My Broken Doll” is based on the memoir of the same name written by Deborah Pappenheimer and adapted by Ernie Nolan. The play is produced in collaboration with the Institute For Holocaust Education in Omaha, Nebraska.

Technical requirements: Small table, electrical outlet (extension cord if needed), two chairs and open space (such as a gym or a multi-purpose room). A stage can also be used.

Maximum negotiable fee: $1,200

Availability: As the play is recommended for middle and high school audiences, September through May is preferred. Sunday through Friday year round is possible, contingent upon actor availability.

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