Courtney Cairncross

  • Omaha, NE
  • Theatre

Acting, Inclusive Theatre

Courtney’s background is in theatre, dance and music, with a specialization in cultural dance and ethnomusicology. Using these diverse disciplines, Courtney combines many elements to offer a wide range of residencies that help participants hone their performance skills. Her classes and workshops may involve improvisational exercises in movement, rhythm, and acting, and can also be adapted for a more structured, performance-based setting with arranged choreography and specific script work. Students are encouraged to use creativity and exploration in physicality and movement that will develop strong character choices for theatrical endeavors. Courtney has experience working with many different populations, such as senior citizens, ESL students, individuals with disabilities, and just about every age group from three to ninety! She is a firm believer in music and movement as a natural stimulant and creative outlet for the brain. In her classes and workshops, Courtney works to maintain a fun and safe atmosphere supporting creative growth for all involved.

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