Delaney “Patty” Driscoll

  • Omaha, NE
  • Theatre

Shakespeare, Theatre for Young Audiences

Creative Aging Arts Program

In Driscoll’s CAAP residencies, participants rehearse and then perform a One Act play for an invited audience. Here is an example of one of the shows.

Artist in Schools and Communities:

100% of the high schools in the US include Shakespeare in their curriculums. Driscoll’s residency is an excellent warm up for students before they begin studying one of his plays. The workshops are designed to generate curiosity and excitement toward the material; to introduce students to the infinite wonder of his words and characters. All residencies conclude with a performance including homemade costumes, set pieces, props and music.  Driscoll holds a bachelor’s degree from UNO in drama, she is the Educational Outreach Director for The Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre (, and she is a longtime member of Actor’s Equity and the Screen Actors Guild.  For more information please email her. Workshops are available for grades K-12.

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