Greenblatt & Seay

  • Avoca, NE
  • Music

Folk & Traditional Arts, Multi-Cultural

Traditional/Original Concert — Debby and David play and sing fun, upbeat folk music fine-tuned for your event and age group. Fiddle, nyckelharpa, harmonica, banjo, whistles, crwth, hammered dulcimer, guitar, vocal harmonies and audience participation are often featured. Performances can focus on or include tunes from many different traditions, including Irish, Swedish, Danish, Jewish and Scottish.

Background Music/Strolling — Lively traditional melodies played on a variety of instruments set a joyous mood for festivals, banquets, etc.

Technical Requirements: Outside performances must be in a shady area. Performance area temperature of at least 60 degrees F. All shows can be performed without a sound system where appropriate.

Maximum negotiable fee: $1,440 based on travel distance and length of performance.

Availability: No travel limitations or schedule restrictions at this time.

Virtual Option: When streaming a show from their home Greenblatt & Seay can add instruments that don’t even fit in their car. Just talk with them in advance to tailor fit a performance for the particular event you have in mind.

Watch Greenblatt & Seay on Vimeo.

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