Juan Ramón Hernández

  • Omaha, NE
  • Music

Latin American Arts, Multi-Cultural, Percussion

During a residency with Sr. Hernandez, participants experience hands on instrument instruction and cultural discussion as he highlights composers, arrangers, mariachi musicians and their contribution to the genre. As a professional performer and educator, since 1984, Sr. Hernandez can present a music appreciation class to students, parents, teachers, and local interested community members. He provides the audience an explanation of the instruments, with focus on the typical mariachi ensemble. Those instruments include the indigenous instruments; guitarrón, vihuela, folk harp and well-known instruments; violin, classical guitar, trumpet and vocals. Sr. Hernandez will close with a mini recital designed based on the participants’ experience. The culminating event allows time for questions from participants and audience with the goal of a basic understanding of what was learned about music and mariachi. Sr. Hernandez holds a B.S. degree in Music and an M.S. degree in Adult Education.

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