Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra

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Instrumental and Classical

Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra tailors each of its concerts to meet the specific needs of your community. A wide variety of musical programs are available, including classical, popular, cultural, and educational. A 50- to 90-minute late afternoon or evening performance is available.

The full symphony orchestra (up to 75 musicians) is best suited for larger auditoriums or for outdoor concerts. A 35- to 45-musician chamber orchestra is best for programs and locations requiring a rich, full sound in a medium-size hall or auditorium.

Small instrumental ensembles, including string quartets or woodwind trios or quartets, are perfect for intimate gatherings, smaller locations, and educational programs. You can also request a performance with conductor, Maestro Edward Polochick, on piano and Concertmaster, Anton Miller, on violin!

Technical requirements:
Full symphony: stage area of 60 feet x 40 feet
Chamber orchestra: stage area of 44 feet x 32 feet
Small instrumental ensembles: 10 feet x 20 feet
For all ensemble types: stage lighting; music stands and chairs; conductor’s podium; possibly a tuned grand piano, harpsichord and/or 3 timpani, 3 dressing rooms.

Maximum negotiable fee: $21,540 for full orchestra, $7,500 to $12,500 for Chamber/Educational ensemble; $5,000 for small instrumental ensemble

Availability: Travel and performance time within a single day is limited to 9 hours.

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