Linda M. Lacy

  • Ashby, NE
  • Visual Arts

Drawing, Painting

The primary goal of this residency is to provide art instruction based upon Linda’s experience as a working artist, and to teach students about connections between art and other academic disciplines. Her cross-curriculum teaching methods include: pencil sketching (studies of perspective), painting (with various media), color/composition, art history and appreciation, and calligraphy/creative writing, to students K-8 in elementary schools. Specific media of watercolor, oil painting, and clay sculpture (Fun in the Mud) are available to both elementary and senior high school students and community group organizations. Linda hopes to instill an appreciation of art in young people and give them the confidence to pursue their dreams.
A complete portfolio of hundreds of lesson plans and a wide variety of media and activities are available upon request. Recent activities in this portfolio include fantastic watercolor paintings, acrylic on canvas, simple stained glass, and a study of heritage incorporating antique photos and calligraphy entitled ‘Who We are and Where We Came From.’ The artist paints watercolors much like explorers Lewis and Clark and artist, Karl Bodmer. Linda shares her most recent special experience of searching her heritage in Switzerland and painting on the streets of old Italy. Linda has 25+ yrs experience on the NAC roster teaching in over 57 schools in Nebraska. Her talents with children is phenomenal! She has numerous awards to her credentials and owns and operates her own gallery. Check out Linda’s website for her unique “story”.

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