Ruth Davidson Hahn

  • Lincoln, NE
  • Dance


In Contemporary Dance for the Ageless and Unstoppable, participants will enjoy doing dance-based activities to music in a class designed to accommodate the needs of older adults. The general class format is to commence seated in chairs, and progress to standing behind the chairs for balance support, then traveling dance exercises.

Depending on the levels of mobility the program may also be taught completely seated. Together we will explore elements of contemporary dance forms in ways that are enjoyable, mentally stimulating, creative, and that spark the aesthetic imagination. Music energizes, enriches, and empowers the movement while learning contemporary dance warmup combinations, a choreographed storytelling dance with the use of imagery and a brainteaser, a stunning repertory dance, and creating themed dances together.

All levels of mobility are welcome. No dance experience is required. The class is a comfortable pace. The essence of dance is joy. The goal is fun! Welcome to a class that is rigorous, creative, and based in the Arts.

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