Stacey Barelos

  • Omaha, NE
  • Music

Instrumental and Classical, Piano

Stacey is a pianist, toy pianist and composer. She performs on keyboard instruments as well as on other toy instruments and found objects. She can adapt most programs to any space whether or not a piano is available. Her expertise is with the music of the last 100 years with special expertise on the avant garde of the early 20th century and living composers from the last 30-40 years.

Stacey loves to talk to and work with audiences. As a teacher and concert producer, she is at home on the stage and frequently provides lectures or workshops in a concert setting. She is also willing to provide hands-on workshops that give participants ideas for their own musical performing and/or composing.

Technical Requirements:

If Stacey is playing a toy piano concert, she does not need much space. Depending on the types of music requested, at least a baby grand piano may be needed.

Maximum negotiable Fees: $1,000

Availability: There are no restrictions on day, week or month of availability other than advance notice for scheduling. For example, an hour length concert would require at least three months notice. A single performance of a work would need at least a month’s notice.

Virtual Option: Stacey can provide both pre-recorded and live performances virtually.

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