The Golden Studio

  • Lincoln, NE
  • Music


The Golden Studio is a Lincoln-based band made up of Yazidi musicians led by Hasan Khalil. The Golden Studio is fluent in many styles, including Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Persian, and traditional Syrian music. They are a constant feature at Yazidi weddings and other social events in Lincoln and have an active YouTube and Facebook presence.

Khalil’s love for music started at home listening to his dad and other elder folks who played the ‘Saz instrument’ and sang stories about Yazidi culture and genocides.  It was a way for the younger generation to learn about the history of their culture through music. Khalil now has a band called ‘The Golden Studio’ and mostly plays keyboards and composes his own melodies to reflect the stories from the past and researches new music and genres to blend with his own style of music.

His band has 4 to 5 members; a singer, Saz player, drums player, keyboard and bass. The Golden Studio is fluent in many styles including Traditional Yazidi music, middle eastern and world music, meditation, beautiful melodies, and dance music. They have been in demand at community celebrations and events around Lincoln since 2016. Hasan Khalil made his debut at “Lied Center for Performing Arts” with his band in 2021. Khalil was an inspiration for, and an essential musical contributor to, the Lincoln Crossroads Music Festival in 2019 and the central figure of Nebraska’s public broadcast “The Sounds of Home”. Khalil improvises and composes his music and is a self-taught musician. Khalil believes music is a universal language and we can all listen to each other’s stories, learn about other cultures, and freely express our emotions in this beautiful language.

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