Wendy Jane Bantam

  • Lincoln, NE
  • Visual Arts

Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture

Wendy Jane Bantam works internationally as a painter, teaching artist, musician and storyteller,. She lectures on creativity and critical thinking. Her lectures are found on TEDx and IGNITE! Bantam holds a Master of Fine Art in painting and is an artist with the Lied Center for Performing Arts and lecturer on Arts Integration Learning for the University of Nebraska with the College of Education and Human Sciences. She trained with the Peace Corps and served AmeriCorps through Washington D.C. by creating public art projects to bridge communities and fight poverty.

Bantam partners with artists, teachers, communities and schools to bring creative curriculum and interdisciplinary arts experience to the forefront. Combining storytelling with visual art, she engages communities by helping guide them in the story of their identity through the verbal and written word. She assists teachers and students in turning their story into a creation of visual art using paint, textiles, or clay. These projects can be expanded upon by partnering with other classroom teachers and teaching artists (music, poetry, storytelling, theatre and movement). Final pieces are presented in schools and communities through a permanent installation or culminating event of music, art, and storytelling.

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