Presenting Nebraska’s State Poet Sponsor Guidelines

Program Description

Presenting Nebraska’s State Poet grants provide financial assistance for Nebraska nonprofit organizations and accredited public or private schools hosting events featuring the current Nebraska State Poet. Presenting organizations that hold performances within a school setting are required to attest that their school-based performances follow the host school’s health guidelines as described below.


Nonprofit organizations incorporated in Nebraska that are federally tax-exempt, public agencies and sub-divisions of governmental agencies, including PreK-12 accredited schools. College and university applications may be funded only when participation by the public is sought in significant numbers. An organization is limited to one application per fiscal year.

How to Apply

Your organization must first be registered in NAC’s online grant system. For assistance in creating an account in the NAC grants system, please email or call 402-595-2124.


Grant applications are due six weeks before the event and are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Grant Amounts

The presenting organization is responsible for $50 dollars of the total State Poet’s fee, per contract, per application. The base fee for State Poet readings is $125.00. If workshops are also scheduled, each workshop is $65.00. NAC issues grant payments to the sponsoring organization, not to the artist.

Review Criteria

The artist fee listed in the State Poet Budget-Contract form must agree with the artist fee listed in the application.

The State Poet Budget-Contract form must be signed by both the presenting organization and the State Poet.

Narrative Questions

Describe your project, including when and where it will take place, how you will promote it, and who makes up your target audience. If virtual, describe the method audiences will use to engage with your project.

Explain the impact of this event on your target audience and how you will measure the success of the event.


Applicants can enter the number of workshops planned, which will automatically determine the total fee and NAC request amount. The base fee for State Poet readings is $125.00. If workshops are also scheduled, each workshop is $65.00. This form functions as a contract between the State Poet and the presenting organization and should be signed by both parties before uploading to the grant application.


Your organization will be required to attest that its programming and events adhere to local community or county health guidelines, or other public agency health guidelines until such time as the pandemic risk is deemed passed.

Your organization will be required to attest that its school-based program or event adheres to the health guidelines of the host school and/or school district until such time as the pandemic risk is deemed passed.

Required Materials

These materials will be uploaded in the grant system.

  1. State Poet Budget-Contract form
    Upload the signed budget-contract form to the grant system. Make sure each budget-contract is complete and signed by both you and the State Poet BEFORE you upload. Every contract needs both your signature and the State Poet’s signature. Keep originals for your files.If an artist cannot physically sign the contract in time for you to submit the application, have them send you an email from their own email address saying that they agree to the terms of the contract. Save the artist’s email as a .pdf and upload it into the grant system along with a copy of the contract signed by your organization.
  2. Audit (if applicable)
    If the organization requests $50,000 or more from NAC for the current year in one application or any combination of applications, include the organization’s most recently completed and reviewed financial statements.These could include an audit, audited financial statement or financials reviewed by an outside financial expert. Please contact us with questions.