Upcoming Fred Simon Gallery exhibit


Photographic Documentary by Atiim Jones
Sept 16-Nov 9, 2022

“Whether it be a quick portrait, chat or moving conversation about life, it is the trust and authenticity given to me by complete strangers, which has not only made me a better person, but has given me a small glimpse into the Human Condition.”

-Excerpt from Jones’ artist statement

Here is the artist’s statement about the exhibition:

“My approach to photography is a discipline in which I apply principles from other fields to create the final product…the print. From approaching a subject and taking a photo to spending time editing the raw file. Footwork, body form, stance and breathing steadies the camera and assists in composition. The concept of using space and reverberation in sound to create music is an integral part of the visual process.”

Atiim Jones is a Minneapolis born street photographer based in Omaha, Nebraska. Son of artist, the late Luther Jones, he inherited much of his Father’s creative drive and expresses it through photography, particularly strangers on the street. In 2010, he began photographing strangers in the Old Market District of Omaha, Nebraska and in 2011 created “Crossroads” a photographic documentary of people in the Old Market District and surrounding area. It has since become one of the largest photography projects in the world.

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