Who We Fund

Nebraska Nonprofit Organizations

All organizational grant applicants must be incorporated as a nonprofit organization, and physically located, in the State of Nebraska with articles of incorporation current and on file in the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office.

Colleges and Universities  

Institutions of higher learning may apply for NAC funding only when there is significant planning and participation beyond the campus community. Colleges cannot apply for grants that fund projects that are part of student coursework, which includes work created under the guidance of an instructor or mentor.

Government Agencies, Tribal Governments, Schools & Nonprofit Non-Arts Organizations

Tribal governments, city agencies, county parks and recreation departments, social service organizations, hospices, juvenile centers, and public and private schools may apply to support arts projects. These arts programs may often be the point of access to new audiences or the sole source of cultural activity in a community.

Religious Organizations

Faith-based and religious organizations may apply for NAC grant funds so long as the primary purpose of the program is artistic expression. The NAC funded activities must be open to the general public, the funds cannot be used for projects (by an organization, institution or individual) with implicit religious content that may be perceived as advancing a religious purpose, nor be viewed as attempting to convert people to a particular religious viewpoint.

While individuals are not eligible to apply for NAC grants, the agency has a number of programs designed to support and promote Nebraska Artists.


All applicant organizations will be required to provide:

  1. Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS letter granting Federal tax-exempt status.

If an organization has applied for, but not yet achieved tax-exempt status, the NAC has a number of categories to which the organization may apply through the use of a Fiscal Agent. For more information, please contact the NAC staff prior to submitting any application.

  1. DUNS Number. If you’re unsure of your organization’s DUNS number, or do not have one, one can easily be obtained from Dun & Bradstreet.
  2. Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). Starting April 22, 2022, all applicants are required to have a Unique Entity Identifier from sam.gov.


Unsure about the nonprofit status of your organization?

Federal tax-exempt status

Guidestar is a listing of nonprofit organizations that file Form 990 with the IRS.
Note: If your nonprofit organization does not have a budget larger than $25,000, and you have not filed a Form 990, then your organization will not be listed on Guidestar.

Nebraska incorporation status

To confirm your nonprofit organization is incorporated in the State of Nebraska, visit the Secretary of State’s website.

NAC grant recipients have additional legal responsibilities as well. Grantee Info will provide additional information about auditing procedures and other requirements.