Artist Roster

NAC’s Artist Roster helps nonprofit organizations and schools bring accomplished artists and performers into communities, giving people the chance to enjoy art they might not have access to, while ensuring artists get paid for their work.  

The Artist Roster lists participating artists in two separate programs: the Artists in Schools/Communities roster of teaching artists and the Nebraska Touring Program roster of touring artists and art exhibitions. 

Congratulations to our newest teaching and touring artists!

Nebraska Touring Program (NTP)
Lisa Bang Hoffman, Lincoln, Visual Arts
William Hutchinson, Lincoln, Music
Lori Reckling, Omaha, Music
Katherine Tyree, Omaha, Music
Jimmy Weber, Omaha, Music
Felicia Webster, Omaha, Theater

Artists in Schools and Communities (AiSC)
Jennifer Castello, Omaha, Literature
DawnMarie Moe, Aurora, Theatre
Omaha Guitar Trio, Omaha, Music
Steven Tamayo, Bellevue, Visual Arts

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